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Strong returns for sellers at Caithness Quoybrae sale

By John Davidson

Caithness Livestock Centre at Quoybrae.
Caithness Livestock Centre at Quoybrae.

Quoybrae, Aberdeen and Northern Marts on Monday sold 774 store cattle.

Bullocks (385) averaged 288.8p (+46.3p on the year) to 344.1p for a 433kg Charolais cross from Newlands of Geise, Janetstown and £1920 gross for a 705kg Limousin Cross from Brae Edge, Castletown.

Heifers (327) averaged 286.4p (+54p on the year) to 316.5p and to £1710 gross for a 619kg Charolais cross from Roadside, Reiss.

Aberdeen Angus & Native Bred Bullocks (37) averaged 286.7p (+50.6p on the year) to 309.9 p for pen of three 455kg from Hillhead, Lybster to £1770 gross for a pen of three 624kg from Greenvale, Dunnet.

Aberdeen Angus & Native Bred Heifers (25) averaged 266.9p (+25.1p on the year) and sold to 288.2p for a pair of 451kg from Greenvale, Dunnet and £1760 for a pair of 625kg from Meadowcroft, Dunn.

“Caithness consignors were rewarded for a quality show resulting in strong returns.”

Leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks up to 350kg –Thuster Mains (Simx) £880, 280.3p; 351-400kg: Ackergill Mains (Chax) £1190, Aimster (Chax) 304.5p; 401-450kg: Newlands of Geise, Ivordene, (Chax) £1490, 344.1p; 451-500kg: Newlands of Geise £1525, South Keiss, Wick (Chax) 322.5p; 501-550kg: Hoy, Castletown (Chax) £1710, 310.9p; 551-600kg: Upper Latheron (Chax) £1820, 308p; 601-650kg: Brae Edge (Chax) £1810, Brae Edge (Chax) 301.3p.

Heifers up to 300kg: Stitley, Claredon £600; 301-350kg: Lynton Cottage (LimX) £860, 264.6p; 351-400kg: Aimster, Thurso (Chax) £1135, Gerston (Chax) 294.7p; 401-450kg: Dunn Farm, Watten (Limx) £1290, Ivordene, Janetstown (Chax) 299.5p; 451-500kg: Dunn Farm (Chax) £1535, Ivordene (Chax) 316.5p; 501-550kg: Upper Latheron, Latheron, Hoy, Castletown, Dunn Farm (Chax) £1595, Gerston (ChaX) 305.4p; 551-600kg: Upper Latheron (Chax) £1690, 289.4p; 601-650kg: Roadside £1710, 276.3p.

Aberdeen Angus Bullocks up to 400kg: Skirza Croft £1060, 284.9p; 401-450kg: Latheron Mains £1320, 302.1p; 451-500kg: Hillhead, Lybster £1410, 309.9p; 501-550kg; Greenvale, Dunnet £1605, 295.6p; 551-600kg: Lower Thura £1570, 263.9p; 601-700kg: Greenvale £1770, 283.7p.

Aberdeen Angus Heifers up to 350kg: Skirza Croft £700; 401-450kg: Latheron Mains £1240, 285p; 451-500kg: Hillhead, Lybster £1300, 268.8p; 501-550kg: Meadowcroft, Dunn £1475, 283.7p; 551-600kg: Meadowcroft Dunn £, 261.3p; 601-650kg: Meadowcroft £1760, 281.6p.

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